Partners & Vendors

Partners & Vendors

We are thankful for all of our working relationships, and hope to add you to our list soon!

Become an Industry Sponsor!

CSurgeries provides industry partners with direct access to members through our video channels. Viewers and subscribers will have the ability to watch the videos and access any tools and resources provided by any specific industry partner

CSurgeries provides a platform for industry partners to curate and share content to reach target surgeons and promote their products/events

Industry Partners demonstrate a commitment to professional development by providing an avenue for peer-reviewed video publication to their surgeons and/or members. Surgeons can submit CElite Videos for possible PubMed indexing

CSurgeries Partners receive brand recognition as a socially responsible supporter of the academic surgical community and surgical learning programs through promotion on our various marketing and communications channels

Surgeons tend to go with “what they know”.

We want to make sure they know you!

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