Hemiglossectomy with Tracheostomy

Contributors: Eswat Ahmad (Army Medical College, Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

Purpose of procedure:

This surgery includes removal of part of the tongue and adjacent tissues to treat carcinoma of tongue when other treatments have not been successful.


Incision on the dorsum side extends from lateral side of the tip till foramen cecum while incision in the floor of the mouth extends up to anterior pillar of tonsil.


1. Tracheostomy is done and then general anesthesia is administered.

2. Mouth is opened and mouth gag is inserted. Packing is placed in the oropharynx to prevent blood aspiration.

3. Two incisions are made as described.

4. Two halves of the tongue are then separated, genioglossus muscle is visible. Hypoglossal nerve and lingual artery are divided and clamped.

5. Posterior transverse incision is made and the remaining muscle fibers to the base of the tongue are divided.

6. Residual tongue is examined for any bleeding points.

Conflict of Interest and Source of Funding: none

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/765bg9o8ie

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