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Why publish on CSurgeries?

Peer-Reviewed Content: Enhance your industry reputation and credibility with videos reviewed and vetted by industry experts.
Visibility: By featuring on our online medical journal, tap into an audience of over 17,000 monthly regular users instantly.
PubMed Indexing: Your submitted video contents may be published and indexed on PubMed.
Global Outreach: Your content and techniques will reach a diverse international audience, allowing your expertise to influence a broad range of healthcare professionals.
Archival Record: Your videos serve as a lasting record of your surgical expertise, benefiting current and future generations of medical practitioners.

How does peer review work?

Through our innovative peer-review process, we ensure that every showcased video upholds the highest standards of accuracy, educational value, and pertinence, contributing significantly to the growth of the surgical education community.


After receiving video and text our internal editors evaluate and determine if the content meets basic criteria.


The content will be assigned for peer-review to two or three surgeons specializing in that specific surgical field.


The Chief Editor then determines the video's suitability for publication on CSurgeries' platform.


Expect a review period of up to two weeks for approval, during which additional information may be required.


After the editorial team's approval, videos are posted on the CSurgeries' website for public viewing.

Video Submission Process

1. User Registration & Verification
Register on CSurgeries and provide necessary
2. Pre-Submission Guidelines
Ensure adherence to guidelines and ethics enumerated on this page.
3. Video Upload & Metadata
Upload video and enter metadata: title, description, procedure, equipment, etc.
4. Categorization & Tagging
Categorize video by procedure, specialty, etc. and add tags for easy search.
5. Peer Review
The submission undergoes an extensive peer review process for accuracy, educational value and relevance.
6. Quality Check
The content is also checked for technical quality, resolution, audio and errors.
7. Feedback & Revision
Users may receive feedback from editors and should make necessary edits and resubmit.
8. Publication & Notification
The contributor is notified when the video goes live.
9. Submission to PubMed
After a review, your video submission
may also be published and indexed
on PubMed for wider reach.

Submission Guidelines

Create a concise title, up to 10 words, that accurately describes the procedure and technique. Minimize punctuation for better searchability.
Video Length
Videos should ideally be under three minutes in duration. If necessary, videos up to five minutes will be accepted.
Video Format
Videos should not exceed 500 MB and must be in MP4, WEBM, AVI, or MOV format.
Audio Component
An English audio explanation of the surgical technique is required and should be clearly understood.
Categorize your surgery under relevant specialties and subspecialties.
Craft a well-written abstract in English that precisely reflects the video's content and purpose.
Ensure clarity through spliced segments, labels, audio voice-overs, and smooth transitions.
Conflicts of Interest
Disclose all possible conflicts of interest in your submission to prevent bias or influence.
Patient Consent
Obtain signed Informed Consent documents before posting patients' surgeries, ensuring privacy protection and identity concealment.
Create a clear representation of the proposed surgery, making it understandable for both medical and non-medical audiences.
Editorial Standards
To be approved, all content submitted to CSurgeries must adhere to the company’s editorial standards.
If your video falls outside standard parameters, please contact to explain the need for an exception.

Important notes:

Content creators retain rights for personal, institutional, educational, and scholarly use. CSurgeries may use videos for educational and marketing purposes. Those entering the medical field may seek help with video editing via our CSurgeries Student Champions feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it acceptable to submit content that has been previously published elsewhere?
No, all submitted videos and accompanying materials must be original and not previously published elsewhere.

How important is content accuracy?
Content should be accurate, supported by reliable sources, and free from any factual errors.

What ethical guidelines should authors follow?
Authors must adhere to ethical guidelines, including patient confidentiality, proper informed consent, and compliance with relevant regulations.

How should authorship be handled?
All authors contributing to a video must be appropriately credited, and their roles defined clearly.

Is transparency regarding conflicts of interest necessary?
Yes, authors should disclose any potential conflicts of interest, funding sources, or affiliations that might influence the content.

What standards should the content meet in terms of clarity?
The content should be well-organized, well-written, and easily comprehensible by both medical and non-medical audiences.

How is the quality of submitted content assured?
All submitted content undergoes a rigorous peer review process by experts in the respective field to ensure accuracy and quality.

Is plagiarism allowed in submitted content?
No, plagiarism, in any form, is strictly prohibited. All sources should be properly cited, and authors should provide permission for any copyrighted material.

What quality standards should videos meet?
All Videos should be of high visual and audio quality, allowing viewers to clearly understand the surgical techniques demonstrated.

How should content contribute to the field?
The content should contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge, surgical techniques, and patient care.

Who can view the videos I’ve submitted?
Once approved by our editorial team, your video will be automatically posted on our website for public viewing. To ensure compliance with guidelines, remove all patient identifiers and acquire consent before submission.

Who owns the videos after submission?
As the submitter, you retain the right to use your video for personal, institutional, educational, and scholarly purposes. You agree to share these rights with CSurgeries for educational and marketing purposes but may not use the submission for competing websites, commercial purposes, or websites that charge to view the video. Proper permissions are required for copyrighted material.

Should I obtain consent from my patient before posting their surgery?
Yes, it’s the lead author’s responsibility to follow their institution’s consent requirements and obtain informed consent from the patient being filmed. Patients should be informed about potential privacy risks. Patient identities should be protected, and their faces should not be prominently displayed.

Why do I need a Disclosure of Conflicts?
A conflict of interest can exist when an author or their institution has financial or personal relationships that might bias their decisions or work. Authors must disclose all possible conflicts, financial, consultant, institutional, or other, that could lead to bias or a conflict of interest.

What benefits do I gain from submitting videos to CSurgeries?
By submitting videos to CSurgeries, you get a legitimate publication in less time than traditional journal articles. You also have a centralized platform to share your surgical content with colleagues and patients and the potential to get indexed in PubMed.

How else can I engage with CSurgeries besides video submission?
CSurgeries offers various interactions, including webinars to promote surgeries and discussions with specialists worldwide. We’re always looking for editors to join our peer-review process. Contact us at for more information.

Where can I find assistance with editing my video?
CSurgeries has the Student Champion Network, where residents, medical students, and undergraduates can gain experience by helping with video editing in the surgical community.

How can I contact someone from CSurgeries for questions not covered here?
For general inquiries, please fill out and submit our contact form here.

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