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About Us

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Transforming Surgical Education
Founded in 2013, CSurgeries was born from a group of surgeons’ simple desire to provide a comprehensive, video-based educational tool for surgical trainees. Originally conceptualized as a CD-based system, the team’s vision soon expanded to encompass a broader purpose – to democratize surgical education and create a global community of learners. Since then, CSurgeries has embarked on a transformative mission to develop the way surgical knowledge is shared and learned around the world. Recognizing the potential to reach a wider audience and cater to diverse learning needs, CSurgeries transitioned to a web-based platform. This pivotal decision opened the doors to an unprecedented era of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing. CSurgeries embraced peer-reviewed publication to ensure  credibility, validation, and recognition for the surgeons who contributed their expertise. 

CSurgeries envisions a dynamic future landscape of video-based education and interactive online learning, where surgical education is further elevated by  the advancements of modern technology. With this approach, CSurgeries is set to provide a seamless, immersive learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries and empowers medical learners wherever they may be.

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