Zachary Salopek

Zachary Salopek
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer and Founder – The Physician’s Edge

Zachary's journey in the field of surgical education is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to advancing the medical field.

Zachary completed his undergraduate degree in Communications at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he kept himself busy with extracurricular activities. During his time there, he served as the director of the school news station and treasurer of the National Broadcasting Society.

He found his first job with the IT team of CLASS (Community Living and Support Services). Having the experience allowed him to progress into more demanding roles in the St. Mary’s County Public School System. He eventually made it to be a Project Coordinator in charge of the wireless network for the entire county.

Zachary currently manages the digital marketing and IT operations at CSurgeries, ensuring thar the company is able to provide the most optimal experience for its users.

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