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Frequently asked questions

CSurgeries is an online source of peer-reviewed medical videos for students, residents, surgeons and patients. Our expert panel of surgeons approve the video submissions and authorize them to be uploaded to the site. You can search for the videos you want based on keywords and filter the results by specialty, association, or vendor. Paid members can submit videos for publication review at any time.

Once you register for a membership here you can click on the ‘Submit a Video’ button in the top right corner, or select the option from the Main Menu.

Videos should typically be less than three minutes in length, but if more time is required to effectively show the surgical technique being used CSurgeries will accept videos up to five minutes in length.

Submitted videos should be submitted in their complete and final format, and at as high a resolution as possible. If you wish to submit a video that does not fit into these parameters, you should contact the editorial office at and explain why you feel your video should be granted an exception to these requirements.

An audio component is required with the submission, it should be for the purposes of explaining the surgical technique being shown in the video, and should be in English and clearly understood.

Please do not record or submit background noises or other background conversation that is not intended to further explain the surgical techniques being shown.

All audio explanations should be written and submitted in the abstract.

Each video that is submitted should be accompanied by a brief title that captures the procedure and technique being portrayed. The title should be no more than 10 words. You should avoid using punctuation (such as colons, semicolons and dashes) whenever possible, in order to avoid possible errors with search engines.

  • Videos submitted are ideally less than three minutes in length, but not more than five minutes in length.
  • Surgeries should be submitted under all related specialties and subspecialties.
  • The accompanying abstract needs to be in the English language, well written, grammatically correct, and accurately reflect the video content and purpose.
  • Be sure to obtain and keep on file the signed Informed Consent document (these should not be submitted to CSurgeries, but must always be available upon request).
  • The video should not exceed 500 MB and should be in MP4, WEBM, AVI, or MOV format.
  • Spliced video segments, labeling, audio voice-overs, and transitions are required for viewer clarity.
  • The final video product should be a clear representation of the proposed surgery.
  • The video and all fields should be understandable by both medical and non-medical viewers as much as possible.

You can search for the videos you want based on keywords and filter the results by specialty, association, or vendor.

CSurgeries is free to visit, but you can only view a short preview of each video. If you sign up for an account you will receive 3 free videos per month, after that you will only be able to watch the previews till your balance resets at the end of the month.

If you decide to purchase a membership, the Professional package costs $4.99 per month to receive unlimited access to the entire CSurgeries library. Residents can get the Professional package for up to 50% off if they utilize the codes sent out in CSurgeries communications.

If you are an Enterprise organization, please reach out to us for group membership pricing at

The largest difference in this newly designed website is the video submission process. We have taken the concept from our old site and built a high level of technical logic into it so that we are capable of handling a larger amount of submissions at one time. The new process is fully automated, meaning that your approval time should be severely shortened.

Peer reviewers have been carefully selected, and are all experts in their surgical specialty. Reviewer identities can be confidential, but author identities are made known to reviewers. The existence of a video and the associated materials under review is not revealed to anyone other than peer reviewers and editorial staff. Peer reviewers are required to maintain confidentiality about the videos and materials they review and must not divulge any information about a specific submission to any third party without prior permission from the editors.

You can find our panel of experts here.

Once a video has been approved by our editorial team it is automatically posted on our website for anyone to see. For this reason, it is important to follow the guidelines for submitting a video that can be found here [link to upload terms]. All identifying information for the patient must be removed and consent must be acquired before the submission can be published.

  • As the submitter, you retain the right to use your video in the methods below:

    • Personal use
    • Internal institutional use
    • Educational use (classroom or conferences)
    • Scholarly postings (personal or public websites)

    You agree to share that right with CSurgeries so that we may use your video for educational and marketing purposes.

    You also agree to not use the submission for the following:

    • Competing websites
    • Commercial use
    • Websites that charge to view the video

    To use direct quotations, tables, or illustrations that have appeared in copyrighted or otherwise published material, authors must submit written permission from the copyright owner along with complete details about the source. Any permission fees that might be required by the copyright owner are the responsibility of the authors requesting use of the borrowed material, not the responsibility of CSurgeries or its affiliates.

Yes. It is the lead author’s responsibility to follow their institution’s requirements for the informed consent process, and when required, to obtain a signature of informed consent from the patient being filmed prior to filming. The author should have a thorough conversation with the patient, explaining that they plan to film the operation and submit it for online publication. It should be explained to the patient that while attempts will be made to protect their privacy, it is possible that their identity and medical conditions could be identified by someone viewing the video. It is the author’s responsibility to avoid showing the patient’s face as much as is feasible during filming. All written consents must be obtained and retained by the author and copies of the consents or evidence that such consents have been obtained must be provided to CSurgeries on request.

Particular care should be taken with obtaining consent where children are concerned, or where an individual’s head or face appears. Authors should make all attempts possible to protect the privacy of the patient being filmed. Other than when appropriate, the patient’s face should not be displayed in the video. In order to protect patient privacy, the patient’s name or other identifying information should not be submitted to CSurgeries.

A conflict of interest may exist when an author (or the author’s institution or employer) has financial or personal relationships that could inappropriately influence (or bias) the author’s decisions, work, or submission materials.

All authors must state all possible conflicts of interest, including financial, consultant, institutional and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. All relevant conflicts of interest and sources of funding should be included where prompted in the video submission process.

It is the responsibility of the lead author to confirm all conflicts of interest for all listed authors. If authors are uncertain about what constitutes a relevant financial interest or relationship, they should contact the editorial office.

CSurgeries is an official online medical journal, so by submitting your video and supporting details, you will have a legitimate publication in a fraction of the time it takes to get a written journal article published. By submitting videos you will also have one concise place for all of your surgeries that you can share with colleagues or patients to view in an easy format.

Yes. If you are interested in group membership please reach out to our Enterprise Team at

Please email and someone will be in touch to assist you with changing your password and regaining entry to your account.

We are open to many different kinds of interactions with our audience. We enjoy promoting surgeries of all types through our webinar platform. It gives us a medium to dive deeper into the details of the surgery, and also provides a chance for us to invite other specialists from around the world to discuss the procedure’s pros and cons. If you would like to become even more involved, CSurgeries is always looking for more editors to take part in our peer-review process. Please reach out to us at for more information.

CSurgeries has started a program for residents, medical students, and undergraduates looking to enter the medical field called The Student Champion Network. The CSurgeries Student Champions are willing to assist with the video editing process in order to gain extra experience in the surgical community.

No! CSurgeries is not a substitute for a proper medical education. Our goal is to supplement your education by introducing you to different techniques and procedures that you may not have been exposed to in your current environment. CSurgeries does not recommend you attempt these techniques if you are not qualified to do so. We also do not recommend, even for medical professionals, that you attempt these surgeries after only watching one of our videos.

You can cancel your membership through your Account Profile page. We are sorry to see you go and hope you return soon! If there is something more that you would like out of your CSurgeries membership, please send us a message to let us know.

If you have a general question for CSurgeries you can fill out and submit our contact form found here.

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