A Letter From CSurgeries

Dear Surgeon, Resident, Fellow, or Medical Student –

The Surgeons at CSurgeries Journal wanted to make you aware of our unique opportunity to…

  • Publish your high quality surgical video content.
  • Through an expedited peer review process.
  • And at no cost.
  • While adding to your CV

Most journals often charge you to publish content. CSurgeries wants to make this free so that your content/technique is accessible to the entire world.

Especially for countries with limited resources and opportunities.  

All simple and complex surgeries welcome.  Videos should…

  • Include all steps of the procedure
  • Be annotated
  • And be less than 3 1/2 minutes.

Instructions for Authors available at…https://csurgeries.com/how-to

Our high profile editorial board is proud to be a apart of accessible content.

Looking forward to your international contribution soon.

Thank you,

CSurgeries Team

CSurgeries is a physician owned and operated online surgical video journal dedicated to creating a centralized source of peer-reviewed medical videos. These videos are accessible to a wide audience of professionals and students. This web-based forum is designed to provide brief, accurate, and top quality surgical video clips.

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