Enabling Our Frontline Healthcare Warriors

How to Enable Our Frontline Healthcare Warriors to Use a Total Joint Hood for Total Head Protection Without the Need of a Total Joint Helmet

The Stay Strong Face Shield System was created to enable Frontline Healthcare Personnel to wear total joint hoods without needing a total joint helmet system.  Created by orthopedic surgeon, Ryan Grabow, MD, it is a resusable, face shield system specifically designed to work with total joint hoods (by Stryker and Zimmer-Biomet) and any other plastic sheeting (binder covers work great).

Through the Battle Born Maker Corps the shields are being 3D printed and donated to our frontline healthcare warriors throughout the country. All makers, hobbyists, universities, or companies with the ability to 3D print are invited to visit the website BattleBornMakerCorps.com to download the 3D printing file for free to help protect our colleagues who are on the frontlines protecting us all!

Disclosure of Conflicts:

The Stay Strong Face Shield 3D printing file is being provided free of charge to anyone wanting to download and print the face shield system to provide frontline healthcare personnel the ability to wear a total joint hood without the need for a total joint helmet that is expensive and in limited supply. Dr. Grabow holds the patent for this device.

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