Awake Trancervical Injection Laryngoplasty – Thyrohyoid Membrane Approach

The procedure shown in this video is an awake transcervical injection laryngoplasty via a thyrohyoid membrane approach.

Editor Recruited By: Michael M. Johns III, MD


Pediatric Ansa to Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Reinnervation

The procedure shown in this video is a pediatric ansa to recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation. It is performed with a concurrent laryngeal electromyography and injection laryngoplasty.

Editor Recruited By: Sanjay Parikh, MD, FACS


Type 1 Thyroplasty – Silastic

Type 1 thyroplasty is used to close glottic gaps due to an immobile or atrophied vocal fold. It is performed via an external approach with local anesthetic and the patient under monitored anesthesia care. Vocalization during implant carving and placement allows for “tuning” of the implant. Type 1 thyroplasty can be combined with arytenoid adduction if needed to close the posterior glottis.

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