Excision of Scalp Congenital Hemangioma

Contributors: Adam Johnson, MD and Gresham Richter, MD, FACS

Noninvovluting Congenital Hemangioma (NICH) is a congenital vascular lesion present at birth. These lesions do not regress, in contrast to infantile hemangioma or Rapidly Involuting Congenital Hemangioma (RICH), and may grow proportionately with age. Most lesions present in the head and neck, trunk, or limbs, and can be painful. Surgical excision is the treatment of choice.

DOI #: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/5hq5nro3j4

Right Hepatic Lobectomy with Intraparenchymal Vascular Control

Contributors: Amy D. Lu and Diego Di Sabato

A right hepatic lobectomy with laparoscopic mobolization and division of the short hepatic veins and intraparenchymal division of the vasculature is depiected in this video.

Editor Recruited By: Jeffrey Matthews, MD

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/i04zpfb2x3

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