Congenital Hearing Loss: Management and Workup

Drs. Daniela Carvalho, Natalie London, Albert Park, Catherine Birman, and Sophie Achard discuss the diagnosis and treatment of Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL), provide an update on therapy provided for Conductive Hearing Loss (CHL), and review the many recent advances with Cochlear Implants (CI) for children.

Cochlear Implant Surgery: Controversies and Complications

Drs. Natalie London, Kenneth Lee, Yisgav Shapira, and Sunil Dutt highlight the controversies in current Cochlear Implant (CI) guidelines, discuss common complications with CI and device selection process.

Pearls from the COVID Trenches

Join this interactive webinar with Dr. Sanjay Parikh (Seattle Children’s), Dr. Natalie Loundon (Hopital Necker-Enfants Malades, Paris), Mr. Michael Kuo (Consultant and Clinical Lead, Birmingham Children’s, UK), Dr. Vikash Modi (Chief of Pediatric ENT, New York Presbyterian Hospital), along with Dr. Shyan Vijayasekaran (Perth ENT) and Dr. Scott Rickert, (NYU Langone) as they discuss their learnings from being on the front lines of COVID area hotspots.

The panel will discuss testing, PPE, as well as lessons learned.

This webinar is in follow up to a previous presentation by Dr. Vijayasekeran and Dr. Rickert from April 10th. To access the recording of the previous webinar please go to

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