Culture War: Positive vs. Negative Resilience Training in Healthcare

Original Air Date: August 22, 2019

Shame and Blame. Perfectionism. Error-Driven. Laser Focused on Mistakes. Does that sound like a description of a winning culture?

The practice of medicine is difficult, and the culture in healthcare can make it harder to deliver excellent patient care. What if we turned our focus to the positive?

There are times when negative resilience training reinforces important lessons. However, there are more times when positive resilience training would have a far greater impact on us, and others, particularly our patients.

In this webinar, SurgeonMasters founder Jeffrey Smith, MD, FACS, CPC, will describe positive and negative resilience training, give examples of each, and offer opportunities to use positive personal and team resilience habits over negative ones.

The R in BuRnout Stands for Reciprocity

CSurgeries and SurgeonMasters are back! The conversation this time is around the three R’s in physician burnout – Roles, Relationships, and most importantly, Reciprocity. In this session, Dr. Jeff Smith elevates our understanding of the myriad roles and relationships in your professional and personal life that affect our ability to prevent burnout and lead successful and thriving careers as physicians.

After this session you will be able to:
– Appreciate the many roles and relationships that impact your well-being and success.
– Understand simple practices that will lead to improvements in your roles and relationships.
– Use your goals to commit to next steps and hopefully be inspired to put your plan into action.

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