Laparoscopic TAPP mesh repair of a strangulated right inguinal hernia

In this video we present the case of a 98 year old chinese gentleman who presented to the emergency department for 2 days of painful right groin lump. He has a history of bilateral inguinal hernia for many years, but declined surgery. Otherwise, his past medical history includes degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis and hearing impairment. On presentation, he was able to tolerate oral feeding with no nausea or vomiting and still able to pass stools. On examination, there was a large and tender right irreducible inguinal hernia with overlying erythema and warmth. There was also a small left inguinal hernia that was reducible. CT Abdomen-Pelvis was done and showed an incarcerated right inguinal hernia containing a loop of sigmoid colon with poor enhancement of the bowel wall. The colon proximal to the incarcerated segment was also mildly dilated.

Patient underwent urgent repair of the strangulated right inguinal hernia via laparoscopic, transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) approach. Intra-operatively, a loop of sigmoid colon was incarcerated within a direct right inguinal hernia. A small colotomy had to be made to decompress the incarcerated loop in view of difficulty in reducing the sigmoid colon. After reduction, the incarcerated segment was gangrenous and non-viable requiring sigmoid colectomy with primary anastomosis. Pantaloon inguinal hernias with femoral hernias were seen over bilateral groins. An Ultrapro 10x15cm composite mesh was inserted over bilateral groins with adequate medial overlap ensured.

The operation took three hours and fifty minutes with minimal blood loss. Drain was removed and feeding was escalated to diet on post-operative day four. Patient was able to pass stools and then discharged on post-operative day six. His case was complicated with a small 2cm seroma at the right groin.

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