Primary Total Knee Replacement in Advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis with Over Thirty Degrees of Fixed Flexion Deformities

Standard Cemented knee using universal instruments. Intramedullary guife for femoral allignment, Extramedullary for tibial cut. Special tricks shown here are ligament balancing, and flexion deformity correction. Video shot and edited by Seshadri


Total Knee Replacement in Gross Osteoarthrosis with Marked Varus and Flexion Deformities

Video by Seshadri. Standard approach and instrumentation


Ilizarov In Deformity Correction of Foot

Equino cavo varus of neuropathic foor with fungating non healing ulcer, treated bu Ilizarov fixator application


Open Surgical Release of Stenosing Tenosynovitis (a.k.a. Trigger Finger)

Contributors: James Kee

In this video, we show the open surgical release of the A1 pulley to restore movement and alleviate triggering in a patient with stenosing tenosynovitis, or trigger finger.

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Open Carpal Tunnel Release

Contributors: Theresa O. Wyrick

This video shows the open surgical release of the carpal tunnel for relief of compressive median neuropathy at the wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).


A pre fabricated construct in Ilizarov fixation

This is a demonstration of a prefabricated ring construct in a stiff A2 type of tibial hypertrophic non union. The three ring assembly is fabricated one day before surgery. Wires of one plane are passed through all rings after appropriate reduction. Once the frame position is adjusted, the perpendicular wires are passed. An occasional olive wire gives additional stability.


Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Contributors: T. Shane Johnson

This video will outline the approach to a single port endoscopic carpal tunnel release, reviewing relevant anatomic landmarks, surgical views specific to the technique and unique operative tools.


Editor Recruited By: David Bozentka

Dorsal bridge plating for distal radius factures

Contributors:Katherine Faust and Jacob Brubacher

Internal distraction, or bridge plating, of distal radius fractures is a valuable tool for highly comminuted and unstable fracture patterns. Additionally, this technique is valuable for those fractures that extend into the metadiaphysis or for multiply injured patients requiring stable fixation for mobilization. Bridge plating allows for stable fixation in poor bone quality and early use of the injured extremity.

Median Nerve Autogenous Vein Wrapping For Revision Carpal Tunnel Release

Contributors:  Jonathan Isaacs and Amy Kite

Median nerve autogenous vein wrapping for revision carpal tunnel release due to traction neuritis.


Editor Recruited By: David Bozentka, MD

Pediatric Trigger Thumb Release

Videos:   Theresa Wyrick and Asa Shnaekel

In this video, we show the open surgical release of the A1/proximal transverse pulley in the thumb to restore movement in a patient with a thumb interphalangeal joint flexion deformity consistent with pediatric trigger thumb.


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