Ilizarov In Deformity Correction of Foot

Equino cavo varus of neuropathic foor with fungating non healing ulcer, treated bu Ilizarov fixator application

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/1it5flvtwu

Complex deformities. In this case the deofrmity is an equino-cavo-varus consequent to a tethered chord syndrome.
Lack of knowledge of Ilizarov principles.
No special setup required. Full range of apparatus and accessories are needed.
Routine preanesthetic work up.
Ilizarov surgery depends on a three dimensional visualization of the limb as a whole and correction of deformities in three planes.
Advantages: achieves correction not possible by any other method. Disadvantages: cumbersome apparatus is to be worn till all corrections are achieved.
Neurological, vascular and pin tract infections in an improperly applied frame.
The Magic of Ilizarov; CBS publications New Delhi 2016 edition.

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