Microtia Reconstruction- Auricular Framework Creation from Rib Cartilage

This video demonstrates the carving and creation of the auricular framework as performed by Dr. Rousso after harvesting cartilaginous ribs 6-9. This is a modification of the techniques described by Dr. Nagata and Dr. Firmin. 

Endoscopic DCR and Dacryolith Removal

Contributors: Nicolas Biro

This video displays a left sided Endoscopic DCR with lit pipette assistance for a 25 year old patient with severe epiphora and pain from chronic dacrocystitis and dacryolith.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/r6p89jf9in

Microtia Reconstruction: Stage 1

Stage 1 Microtia Repair using rib cartilage and modifications to the Nagata method of auricular formation.

DOI#: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/cquv22l7p3

Bilateral Cryptotia Repair

Contributors: Shira Koss

6 year old boy suffering from bullying at school as a result of bilateral cryptotia, a very unusual congenital ear anomaly in which the superior helix is buried under temporal skin.

DOI#: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/le4g6c5rk5

Microtia Reconstruction Stage 2

This is the second stage of Microtia Reconstruction, the first stage was depicted in a prior video. The ear is elevated and lateralized to take its 3-dimensional form, and this is accomplished with use of an anteriorly based mastoid fascial flap as well as costal cartilage graft and full thickness skin graft.

Editor Recruited By: Michael Golinko, MD

Rhomboid Flap Reconstruction of Necrotic Cheek Lesion

The patient had an unidentified dermal filler placed outside of the United States over a decade ago. She developed a subsequent severe reaction which left her with extensive subdermal fibrosis and epidermal necrosis. Pathologic analysis revealed almost entire replacement of the dermal-epidermal layer with a foreign body and granulomatous reaction. The location at the cheek lower lid junction and the available lateral skin laxity deemed the rhomboid flap as the best option for reconstruction.

Editor Recruited By: Michael Golinko, MD

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