Monopolar Diathermy Tonsillectomy Surgery

The video demonstrates tonsillectomy surgery with monopolar diathermy technique.

Tracheostomy with Tracheocutaneous Adhesion and Cartilage Preservation Technique

The video describes a tracheostomy technique. The tracheostomy performed by  tracheocutaneous adhesion that is suturing stoma to skin directly without violating cartilage during the surgery. This result in stoma that opens directly in trachea without risk of false tract formation. This technique makes tube reinsertion easier in accidental decannulation and avoid consequences of false tract.

The Advantage of this technique is avoidance of tracheal cartilage violation and subsequent airway deformity. It allow faster maturation of tract. Lastly, prevent false tract formation and subsequent complications related to it.

This technique was described by Dr.Jaber Alshammeri, consultant pediatric otolaryngology and director of pediatric otolaryngology fellowship at King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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