Future Directions for Endoscopic Ear Surgery

Drs. Joao Flavio Nogueira, Yi-Chun Carol Liu, and Arun Iyer look ahead to the future of Endoscopic Ear Surgery. They will discuss instrumentation and procedures currently in use and hypothesize where each might be headed and how it may come to be used down the road.

Treatment of Chronic Atelectatic Middle Ear with Endoscopic Placement of Cartilage Shield T-tube

Join this interactive webinar with Drs. Ravi N. Samy (University of Cincinnati Medical Center) James G. Naples (Beth Isreal Deaconess / Harvard Medical), and Yi-Chun Carol Liu (Baylor).

These faculty members in otology/neurotology will feature a video on the treatment of chronic atelectatic middle ear with endoscopic placement of cartilage shield T-tube while providing their commentary on the approach and sharing best practices for success.

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