Augmented Balloon Dilation with Dr. Michael Rutter

In partnership with our colleagues at Bryan Medical (www.bryanmedical.net), this next installation of CSurgeries’ series on laryngology features Dr. Michael Rutter, Director of UC’s Aerodigestive Center and Professor of Pediatrics, as he presents his approach to Augmented Balloon Dilation. Dr. Rutter will share video content of previous cases along with detailed commentary on his approach.

Dr. Michael Rutter is an ENT surgeon specializing in pediatric otolaryngology with an emphasis on airway problems in children, adolescents and young adults. His interests include tracheal reconstruction and complex airway surgery. Dr. Rutter was honored to receive the 2016 Gabriel Frederick Tucker Award from the American Laryngological Association, and the 2018 Sylvan Stool Teaching Award from the Society for Ear Nose and Throat Advancement in Children (SENTAC). These awards are for his contributions to the field of pediatric laryngology.

Review Augmented Balloon Dilation with Dr. Michael Rutter.

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