Microlaryngoscopy in the COVID Era

Join Dr. Shyan Vijayasekaran as he presents and demonstrates a common pediatric airway procedure for a patient with laryngomalacia of COVID-19-unknown status. This video outlines the appropriate PPE attire and intra-operative approach according to recent North American and UK guidelines to provide a practical guide to protect the surgeon and theatre staff from potential infection during an AGP in the operating theatre. Microlaryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, and supraglottoplasty are urgent airway procedures that place all healthcare workers and the patient at risk of infection. We demonstrate an approach to the COVID-unknown patient ensuring safety for all involved without compromising patient care. Joining Dr. Vijayasekaran is Dr. Scott Rickert, chief of pediatric ENT at NYU Langone and at the center of the United States COVID crisis.

Review Microlaryngoscopy in the COVID Era.

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