External Dacryocystorhinostomy

This video demonstrates an external dacryocystorhinostomy surgery with insertion of a nasolacrimal duct stent in a patient with a history of dacryocystitis of rare fungal etiology.

Direct Brow Lift

The procedure in this video demonstrates a direct brow lift.

plastic surgery

plastic surgery

Punctal Dilation and Mini-Monoka Stent Insertion

This video demonstrates punctal dilation and insertion of a Mini-Monoka stent for treatment of epiphora due to punctal/canalicular stenosis.

Lacrimal Probing and Irrigation

This video demonstrates lacrimal probing and irrigation to investigate the anatomy, patency, and functional status of the lacrimal drainage system.

Lower Lip Sling Suspension with Bidirectional Fascia Grafts For Isolated Marginal Mandibular Nerve Palsy

The procedure in this video demonstrates a lower lip sling suspension technique for isolated marginal mandibular nerve palsy using bidirectional fascia grafts.

Thermal Punctal Cautery for Chronic Ocular Surface Disease

In this video, permanent punctal occlusion is performed with high-temperature thermal cautery for the treatment of refractory ocular surface dryness, in this case due to graft-versus-host disease.

Sliding Osseous Genioplasty and Coronoidectomy in a Patient with Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Contributors: Andrew Weaver and Kumar Patel, PA-C

18 y.o. female with Treacher-Collins syndrome (patients have micrognathia, underdeveloped facial bones, particularly the cheek bones, and a very small jaw and chin. She is only able to open her mouth to 20mm due to the interference of her coronoid process with her zygoma/

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/959yiezvoo

Repair of Tessier 7 Cleft Lip Deformity

The most common of the rare craniofacial clefts, Tessier’s No. 7 cleft is represented by a deficiency of tissue that may span from the oral commissure to the ear. (1)  The repair of the cleft of the lip must include especial attention to restoring continuity of the orbicularis oris muscle as well the vermillion.  This case is presented as an example of the repair of the Tessier 7 cleft lip deformity.

DOI #: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/4h2edlts5zz

Plastic Surgery Pearls for basic suturing: instruments & technique

Contributors: Kumar Patel, PA-C

Basic plastic surgery suturing techniques geared towards medical students and residents, including starting position, basic simple suture, deep dermal suture, vertical mattress, horizontal mattress and running subcuticular.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17797/udwdtpze6v

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