Sliding Osseous Genioplasty and Coronoidectomy in a Patient with Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Contributors: Andrew Weaver and Kumar Patel, PA-C

18 y.o. female with Treacher-Collins syndrome (patients have micrognathia, underdeveloped facial bones, particularly the cheek bones, and a very small jaw and chin. She is only able to open her mouth to 20mm due to the interference of her coronoid process with her zygoma/


Cranioplasty and Scar Revision

Contributors: Michael Golinko (MD) and Kumar Patel (PA)

A six-year-old male with history of skull trauma acquired in an ATV accident underwent emergency craniotomy three years ago. He now presents with bone resorption, frontal bossing, scalloped bone, and a widened scar in the middle of his forehead from the previous surgery.


Fronto-Orbital Advancement and Cranial Vault Remodeling for Metopic Craniosynostosis

Contributors:Michael Golinko, MD, MA, Eylem Ocal, MD and Kumar Patel, PA

Premature metopic suture fusion is corrected using fronto-orbital advancement and cranial vault remodeling to open the fused suture and allow for adequate brain growth.


Alopecia Excision and Repair

Contributors: Michael Golinko  and Kumar Patel

Removal of an approximately 5 cm congenital alopecia using an O to Z or
yin-yang flap method.


Endoscopic assisted sagittal strip craniectomy with barrel stave osteotomies in sphinx position

Contributors: Rongsheng Cai and Roop Gill.

Endoscopic assisted sagittal strip craniectomy with barrel stave osteotomies to treat sagittal suture craniosynostosis.

Le Fort I Osteotomy with placement of Distractor

Our patient is a 20 year old boy with severe maxillary hypoplasia with a history of bilateral cleft lip and palate. We performed a maxillary advancement with distraction osteogenesis.

Nikhil Kamath, BS

Aaron Smith, MD

Michael S. Golinko, MD

Kumar Patel, PA-C

Revision Facial Bipartition Osteotomy

Revision Facial Bipartition Osteotomy in 14y/o Female.


Aaron Smith, MD; Kumar Patel, PA; Ashley Bartels, BS; Rongsheng Cai, MD; Roop Gill, MD

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