Endoscopic Resection of Concha Bullosa

Concha bullosa represents a benign entity that can present problems for the endoscopic sinus surgeon by limiting access and visualization to the middle meatus.  Additionally, this may be a significant contributor to a patient’s nasal obstruction, or the leading factor for osteomeatal complex obstruction. Endoscopic removal provides a quick, safe, and reliable means to deal with this issue and provide the appropriate surgery for the patient.

Endoscopic resection of concha bullosa
Osteomeatal complex obstruction
Patient is prepped, draped, and image guidance is setup in standard fashion. Afrin or epinephrine soaked pledgets are placed into the nasal cavity for topical decongestion. 1% 1/100,000 lidocaine with epinephrine is injected into the attachment and body of middle turbinate.
CT imaging done for workup of chronic rhinosinusitis identified right sided concha bullosa
Middle turbinate and uncinate process
Destabilization of the middle turbinate Loss of intranasal landmarks Synechia

Review Endoscopic Resection of Concha Bullosa.

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