Pediatric Tracheostomy with Maturation Sutures

Procedure: This video demonstrates the operative method of pediatric tracheostomy with maturation sutures of the tracheocutaneous fistula tract. Introduction: Pediatric tracheostomy provides an alternate airway. Indications: This procedure is done to alleviate upper airway obstruction, facilitate prolonged mechanical ventilation, or pulmonary toilet. Contraindications: There are no absolute contraindications to this procedure, however, like any procedure, it has recognized possible risks. Conclusion: Pediatric tracheostomy with maturation sutures provides an alternate airway to bypass obstruction, facilitate long term ventilation, or pulmonary toilet.

Disclosures and Conflicts of Interest None
Acknowledgments To our patient and staff at Perth Children’s Hospital, Perth, WA, Australia
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Review Pediatric Tracheostomy with Maturation Sutures.

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