Excision of a Dermoid Cyst

This video demonstrates the excision of a supraorbital dermoid cyst in a pediatric patient. This lesion was located just superior to the right lateral orbit.

Excision of a supraorbital Dermoid Cyst
Symptomatic lesion Infection or Abscess Cosmetic Concerns Risk of Rupture Suspicion of Malignancy Growth and Expansion Compressive symptoms Ocular or Vision Problems Concerns about Future Growth
Unstable Medical Condition Severe Infection Lack of Informed Consent Risks associated with anesthesia
The eye is first protected with an occlusive dressing. Next, surgical antiseptic is used to sterilize the area. Surgical towels are then used to outline the surgical field. A split drape lined with adhesive is used to outline the surgical area.
The diagnosis of dermoid cysts is largely clinical. They are commonly congenital and arise along suture lines. Although a majority of these lesions are present at birth, they are more commonly diagnosed later in life with the majority of patients receiving diagnosis before age 5.
This lesion was located just superior to the right lateral orbit. It was deep to the frontalis muscle and extended down to the galea of the skull.
Advantages to this surgical technique include excision of an intact cyst, reduced risk of infection, and decreased risk of cyst recurrence.
Potential complications of this surgery include those associated with general anesthesia, infection, bleeding, need for further procedures, damage to surrounding structures, and scarring.
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